Teaser Tuesday – 3.4.14 edt – Prelude

Teaser Tuesday!


Prelude is a prequel novella in the Empyreal series…Catch a few chapter-ed events leading up to Awaken (book one in the Empyreal series)

Prelude front cover



Coralie tossed around with in her slumber, flailing and fighting the images held captive with her dream state.

Not fighting against them.

Fighting for them.

Every moment that she remained in her sleep state, she seemed to lose more and more images. One at a time. Disappearing. Never again, in sequence, would she see them trace through her mind.

Her dreams had seemed so real to her. To Coralie, these dreams, these images, were the closest things to memories that she had.

Memories were not her strong suit. They never had been. There were not many that she could recollect, even by trying with all of her mind power, much less pulling them without effort. The everyday scenes and faces continued to surface without fail.

The staples in her life were a constant. Her immediate family. Her canine companion, Jacques. A number of intricate individuals from the walls of Chelsea. And of course, her best friend, Athena.

She recognized a few familiar faces every now and again. But often, just as swiftly as she caught familiarity in their stare, it was gone. Nothing more than a faint whisper in the wind.

Coralie had not been able to recollect much of her life over the majority of her years on the earth. Childhood on into the present. Just the basics stuck around, holding steadily within the creases of her mind. The few childhood memories that she had, she held close, gripping to them tightly, refusing to give them up.

She continued to stir around in her sleep, grasping at any image that she could. She would hold on to them now, then decipher them later.

Familiar streets. Familiar sounds. Familiar shops and buildings. Familiar faces.

There … She paused to grasp to hold onto one visual, in particular.

She tried with all her might and will to embed the image of such a beautiful creature into her mind. But soon, this one, much like all of the rest of the lost images, would all be faded into black.

Deep sleep took over, and all of the images, reality or not, faded with it.


To read more of Prelude, go to Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, as it can also be found on other retail sites as well.  Enjoy the world of Empyreal!

Whirlwind , Murphy’s Law, and Smooth Sailing!


It has been a whirlwind worth of the last week and a half…I was anticipating being a part of the Indie Girl Con event (Feb 21&22 – Charleston, SC), and I was super pumped about this event! Like over the top super pumped! I spent weeks, (months, even) preparing for IGC weekend…and then it (AKA, everything under the sun) happened…

The snow ended up delaying some of my deliveries, which also in turn delayed my own to IGC…only to have Murphy’s Law take a strong stance and cause a little last minute havoc! Thus, causing me to have to cancel my appearance…bummed is not even the word for what I felt not being able to be a part of Indie Girl Con. I just hope that all of my  present and future author buddies had a great time in my absence… I look forward to seeing you all very soon…And I look forward to the possibilities of next year!

In other aspects of Mosley-verse, I have released Prelude – Empyreal Prequel Novella (released Feb 25th)…Due to all of the crazy Mother Nature trickery (wintry bliss!) and chaos that Murphy’s Law decides to chunk in my direction (creative havoc), its release was postponed. This being said, the re-release of Awaken and Rise and Fall (Empyreal #1 & #2) has been postponed as well. Not too long of a wait – I am shifting the re-release to March 4th. Hopefully, it will stick this time!

Rogue (Empyreal #3) is scheduled for release June 3rd…but I hope to have ARC’s in before then…so be on the lookout for posts.

After Ever (Harden Fields #3)  is scheduled for release April 29th…but I hope to have ARCs before then, as well.

Though I had to miss IGC (still bummed about it!), I have to pick my heels up by my boot straps (err, figuratively speaking…) and press forward in getting ready for my next event. I was hoping to be a part of TNEE in Atlanta in late March, but I have some scheduling conflicts and I don’t want to have to bail out on another event. Things sometimes just happen…and I know that (hence, Murphy’s Law statement!), but I like to try to keep my obligations…and since there’s the chance, I’m gonna have to pass (regretfully).

As of right now, my next scheduled events are as follows:

  • May 31-June 1 Alabama Phoenix Festival in Bham, AL
  • June 20-22 UtopYA in Nashville, TN
  • July 11 TnVAE in Knoxville, TN
  • September Indie Rom Con in TN (tentative)
  • September 27 DDAB in Orange Beach, AL

More postings and updates as they come… <3 CMM


I heart SWAG giveaway hop!!!



In honor of the YA/NA “I <3 SWAG” Giveaway Hop, I will be giving away copies of both of my Harden Fields Series’ Romance Titles and a whole lotta SWAG – Happy Valentine’s Day to you, huh?!?!

But I’m not the only one!!! Check out the linky link below to see all of the SWAG Hop Authors and Bloggers!!!

All you have to do is enter to be eligible to win a paperback copy of both titles…both This Side of Forever and Never Say Never prize packs are up for grabs! I will also be giving away a few e-books. All prize packs will  be packed with some super awesome SWAG… So tell your friends and your enemies…everybody needs a little LOVE <3<3<3

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Empyreal’s Got a Brand New Bag…or Look, rather…

The first two books in my YA Fantasy/Paranormal Series, EMPYREAL, will be releasing this month with all new covers…a brand new look! The covers are gorgeous (thanks to EMPYREAL’s new very talented cover designer – Carey). I am very excited about these – they are my very fave by far…and for good reason…they give intricate insight to the story that revolves around EMPYREAL’s MC, Coralie Collier.

AWAKEN (#1) , as well as RISE AND FALL (#2), will be available everywhere Feb 25th!

Awaken Cover           Rise and Fall Cover

I will also be releasing an EMPYREAL prequel novella on Valentine’s Day <3 The prequel begins a few weeks before AWAKEN takes place…it gives a little insight to the EMPYREAL world without blowing the cover off of the first book in the series.

Links for the books will be posted as soon as the pre-orders go live…So, until then…

All the loves <3



20 on the 20th!!! Let’s play 20 questions…

Hey Everyone -

On Monday, January 20… we’re going to play a game of 20 questions!

How it works – I’m going to randomly post 20 questions throughout the day…you comment or answer, and you’ll be entered to win an e-book/digital download of your choice (This Side of Forever or Never Say Never)…

But that’s not all – I’m also asking YOU to ask me some questions that I will answer…just ask right here in the comments… those who ask the questions will be entered to win a paperback of your choice (This Side of Forever or Never Say Never)…

Yep…it’s that easy – and it’s gonna be a fun time!

I will be posting all over social media – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, & right here…So, just be sure to share, share, share with everyone you know & join in on all of the fun :)  See you on the 20th!

All the loves <3 CMM

The New Year…

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Yeah, yeah…I know I’m a bit late. But, anyone who knows me knows that that is a beloved characteristic and trait that I wear well :)

I wanted to take my time to reflect and rejoice in my many blessings… to give thanks to all of the wonderful blessings that me and my family have experienced in the past year…and previous ones. I am truly thankful to all of my blessed heart strings that continue to pull me forward everyday – and to God, who has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams…and I look forward to another wonderfully blessed year in 2014!


So, I have been meaning to grace my site for days now…and each and every time I would decide to do so, my brain would flee for the hills shouting “No, I’m not ready yet…just 5 more minutes!” Well, and as you can see, those 5 minutes turned into 5 more, and those 5 turned into 5 more and so on… But to be completely and totally honest, I have been on a social media hiatus since Christmas (aside from the quick “Merry Christmas’ and the also very speedy “Happy New Year”). This hiatus has blessed me and my family with some much needed and desperately sought out family time…and I have enjoyed every single moment and relished in its wonder.

In this time away from all of the super high octane technological lifestyle hustle and bustle, I also had time to take a breath of much needed fresh air…to let my mind rest (as much as it could – cause it never shuts down)…and to gather my thoughts and goals, and organize them (again, as best I could with my ever fabulous way of thinking – AKA…my organized chaos).

2014 is definitely going to be a busy year…I decided to attempt to organize my goals (I did the best I could – subject to change)… I have a lot of books scheduled for this year and a few events already in the works (see events page)…

As far as books/titles go…

There will be several new titles added to the Harden Fields in 2014 (YA/NA Contemporary Romance)

  • After Ever (Chase and Everly’s story)
  • One Day (working title – Lyss)
  • Chances Are (working title – Charlie and Becca)
  • There are a few more titles (WIPs) in this series, but none are scheduled for 2014 as of yet…

There will be two books added to the Empyreal Series (YA/NA Fantasy-Romance)

  • Awaken (book 1) & Rise and Fall (book 2) will be released inFeb 2014  - with brand spankin’ new covers and extra content
  • Rogue (book 3) will be released in the late Spring/Early Summer 2014
  • Reign (book 4) will be released in the Fall/Early Winter 2014
  • There will also be a prequel novella set to be released in Feb 2014
  • These are the only scheduled releases in this series as of yet…

I have also been playing around with a few more WIPs (stand-alones and series)…but as you can see, I have a lot of irons in the fire ;)

So…so far, that’s 5 new books…on the books for 2014. In addition to these books, though, here’s a secret… *come a little closer* … I have a few more tricks up my sleeve…Intrigued yet??? Just wait – 2014 is going to be a fabulous year…I can feel it!!!


All the loves a girl can muster <3




So, yesterday. my facebook author page hit 1500 LIKES…and a bit beyond! I was ecstatic :) I had promised that if my page hit 1500 LIKES that I would host a giveaway &  I got a little excited when the likes just kept coming…so, I added another statement (in addition to the 1500 LIKE giveaway), if my page hits 2000 likes, then I would up the annie a bit…and host an even bigger giveaway *THINK BIG*

1500 LIKES GIVEAWAY is going on today through the 22nd… a quick giveaway – so, SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

Thank you, all of you, for sharing and getting my page likes up…I am so grateful for my fans and feel so blessed to have each and every one of you.

A link is posted below, on my facebook page, and on the giveaway page link here on the website. I will also be posting links on Twitter.

Thanks again so much…from my heart! Keep on sharing the love <3 And Happy Reading!


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