Been bloggin’

Hey – I’ve been blogging about my current progress and status over at I have been on the go a lot over the past couple of weeks and it has been much easier to post my thoughts to my blogspot than to log-in to my page every time to post. I’ve been talking about […]

Irons in the Fire

Hey Guys! Got a ton of Irons in the Fire… Several projects going on right now…and I am extremely excited about them! A couple of super secret bundles of awesomeness waiting in the wings… A few upcoming events for the summer…*stoked*! Life is crazy good! And I leave you with an awesome song…AMAZING! I Need […]

Teaser Tuesday – 3.4.14 edt – Prelude

Teaser Tuesday! Prelude Prelude is a prequel novella in the Empyreal series…Catch a few chapter-ed events leading up to Awaken (book one in the Empyreal series)   Excerpt: Coralie tossed around with in her slumber, flailing and fighting the images held captive with her dream state. Not fighting against them. Fighting for them. Every moment […]

I heart SWAG giveaway hop!!!

  In honor of the YA/NA “I <3 SWAG” Giveaway Hop, I will be giving away copies of both of my Harden Fields Series’ Romance Titles and a whole lotta SWAG – Happy Valentine’s Day to you, huh?!?! But I’m not the only one!!! Check out the linky link below to see all of the […]